List your home with HYPRESS!A pronounced preference for quality over quantity is our hallmark. Our sellers are treated with the respect and care of old, cherished friends. Their well staged homes have the appeal of a family sanctuary. Our buyers and sellers are thoroughly interviewed before we begin your new home or investment property search to determine your tastes, your real estate goals, and your financial challenges and strengths.

Having worked as a real estate executive and mortgage banker for over 30 years has helped our broker tremendously in keeping HYPRESS efficient and bottom line focused to the best advantage of both our residential and investor clients. Many of our agents have similar banking or accounting experience.  That same experience has also served the company well in arranging for financing in distress situations and keeping suggested pricing in line with local markets. Our record for Short Sales closing times is UNSURPASSED -- we are recognized in the San Diego market for consistently closing short sales in 30 days or less.

Halicia Perkins, CEO

Hypress Global Marketing, PC

Registered in State of Wyoming

Cell Phone:  +1-858-832-3466




In law, fraud is intentional deception to secure unfair or unlawful gain, or to deprive a victim of a legal right. Fraud can violate civil law (i.e., a fraud victim may sue the fraud perpetrator to avoid the fraud or recover monetary compensation), a criminal law (i.e., a fraud perpetrator may be prosecuted and imprisoned by governmental authorities), or it may cause no loss of money, property or legal right but still be an element of another civil or criminal wrong. The purpose of fraud may be monetary gain or other benefits, for example by obtaining a passport, travel document, or driver’s license, or mortgage fraud, where the perpetrator may attempt to qualify for a mortgage by way of false statements.

Defamatory statements that disparage a company’s goods or services are called trade libel. Trade libel protects property rights, not reputations. … Because a statement must be false to be defamatory, a statement of opinion cannot form the basis of a defamation claim because it cannot be proven true or false.

Dishonest/Unfair business practices. Unfair business practices encompass fraud, misrepresentation, and oppressive or unconscionable acts or practices by business, often against consumers, and are prohibited by law in many countries.

Companies identified by HYPRESS to practice unreliable or unfair trade are listed below.  Announcements will appear for 1-2 years from date of posting depending on severity of questionable practices.




US ENERGY GLOBAL FINANCE operated by Alifeleti Kaufana Vautuvi, CEO and Ali Hamzah, CFO who are suspected to be one and the same person is a MAJOR FRAUD! BEWARE! read more...


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